Prudent Man Plume Agate Botanical Necklace

This Prudent Man Plume Agate is a unique stone featuring gorgeous earth-colored plume patterns in shades of green, yellow, brown, pink, and white. The stone is set in a fine silver bezel surrounded by a solid border and accented at the top with three graceful leaves.

The pendant measures 1-1/8" wide and drops 2-1/2" from the sterling chain available in your choice of length.

All metal is sterling silver (except the fine silver bezel) that has been oxidized, tumble polished and sealed with a protective coating.

Prudent Man Plume Agate comes from a relatively new mine located in the Alder Creek Mining district near Mackay, Idaho discovered and owned by Steve Howard, who sadly passed away in 2019. 

The Prudent Man deposit produces many beautiful plume agate patterns in colorful earthy shades. The name Prudent Man is a tongue-in-cheek reference to an old 1874 mining law called the Prudent Man clause, which states that claims are only valid if "in the judgment of the mine inspector a prudent man could make a living by working it." Steve Howard jokingly asserted that the government declared him an unprudent man.

Care:  As with all handmade jewelry, this necklace is delicate and should never be worn when showering, swimming or during strenuous activity and sports. Beauty products such as perfume, hair spray and body lotions should be applied before putting on your jewelry. Store your jewelry in a small box or pouch to reduce tarnishing. To remove tarnish, use a good quality polishing cloth such as a Sunshine cloth.

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