Custom Order - Feather Pyrite Sunflower Necklace

Custom Pendant for Juli

Sterling silver sunflower pendant.

  1. Serrated bezel wrapped feather pyrite stone (provided by buyer).
  2. Beaded border around stone with large silver ball at bottom.
  3. Double layered half sunflower proportionate to stone with tiny balls in center.
  4. Cut out flower detail on back.
  5. Large jump ring.
  6. No chain.

All metal is sterling silver that has been oxidized, tumble polished and sealed with a protective coating.

Care:  As with all handmade jewelry, this necklace is delicate and should never be worn when showering, swimming or during strenuous activity and sports. Beauty products such as perfume, hair spray and body lotions should be applied before putting on your jewelry. Store your jewelry in a small box or pouch to reduce tarnishing. To remove tarnish, use a good quality polishing cloth such as a Sunshine cloth.



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